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Lists of Flickr images on Commons[edit]

Using the Commons database dumps a list has been compiled of all images with a reference to a Flickr photo. Licensing information for each image was queried from Flickr using the Flickr API. With the provided Flickr ids, anyone can use the Flickr API to compile this list themselves even without parsing the dumps.

Flickr/Identical licenses[edit]

The licensing for these images is identical on Commons and Flickr. This list is provided as a proof that an image has at a time been available with a free license. Doubting the partiality of the lists, anyone can repeat the compiling process themselves.

Flickr/Licensing differences[edit]

The licensing for these images is different on Commons and Flickr. Half of them only have a different license version or a change from a Commons compatible license to another similar, but the other half of them risk deletion with licenses that are no longer compatible. They all need to be reviewed somehow.

The problem of changing licenses has been discussed time and again, most notably here: Commons:Village pump archive-33#Flickr allows license changes.

Flickr/Multiple references[edit]

The links from a Commons image to a Flickr image aren't always one-to-one, which is why licensing information for all images might not be correct. Possible reasons could be:

  • The repeatedly linked Flickr photo contains a permission discussion ⇒ Copy to image talk pages and/or OTRS
  • The source link doesn't point to the correct Flickr image, perhaps because of a lazy copypaste description ⇒ Review of all related images and source link correction
  • One Commons image refers to the same Flickr image many times, possibly because of incorrectly filled templates or confusing markup ⇒ Reduce to one
  • Derivative works ⇒ OK

Flickr/Licensing changes[edit]

The licensing for these images has been changed since the previous check. This list provides a quick view into recently changed licensing that might need attention on Commons.


Some images uploaded from Flickr are not the full resolution original version, but instead a smaller thumbnail. This is a list of images bigger on Flickr than on here. Some of them have been cropped or are otherwise derivative works, and many of course have the usual licensing problems, so they need to be reviewed before updating with bigger files.


In the 20060926 dump, the first newusers log_type is on 20050907225724. On an UTF-8 enabled database, importing the logging file gives the error "Data too long for column 'log_comment'", even if I change the data type to longblob from the dump file. It would help identifying problems if all uploaders were listed, but it seems to be impossible using the dumps.

This whole process of comparing licenses here with information on Flickr should be automatic, but this run was manual, though largely assisted with scripts.

One of the open questions is how to review all this data and how to mark the images as reviewed.

Please contribute with ideas for an organised project. --Para 18:00, 4 October 2006 (UTC)