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In many of the more relaxed civilizations, the Wikipedia has already supplanted the great Encyclopedia Britannica as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom, for though it has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate, it scores over the older, more pedestrian work in two important respects.
First, it is free; and secondly it has the words Come as You Are inscribed in large friendly letters on its cover.

—with apologies to the D. A.





  • {{LanguageSelector}}
  • ☭:MULTI
  • optional "additionalx" parameters for unimplemented languages?
  • "overrideX" parameters for alternative flags? adding a category like "internationalized pages?"
  • my first feature request: integrating into MediaWiki skin
  • i18n of template documentation
  • does i18n of language names make sense?
  • ok, the flag issue should be settled when users have the ability to customize the language icon to their personal preference, avoids Commons taking a stance and concomitant drama
  • ISO code for link decoration
  • impetus: File:Broadway_tower_edit.jpg (also this one)
    • usage of LanguageSelector and ISO style here
    • usage of Multilingual description here
  • {{Multilingual description}} does analogous job for {{"ISO-639 code"}} style, usage example, serious production use on meta; usuability issues: typing(!) in codes instead of picking; show all reveals more than makes sense; even if server side performance is not an issue, client side it can be (connection, browser is slowed down needlessly); buttons lack i18n
  • There should be something like {{LanguageStatus}} to indicate formally the i18n state of the page it's used on. This will need to cooperate in some way with the incoming templates' states. Maybe "this part of this page is available in these languages". With the subpages format, autodetection of existing languages becomes feasible.
  • When no languages are given, the list should default to a practical set of languages, I'd say UN languages+whatever gives best coverage for Commons
  • support for bidirectionality methinks
  • need a list of all languages in use on WMF so far
  • I think to get full multilinguality, we'll have to split layout and strings on pages sooner or later...
  • Is there a way of sizing icons relative to surrounding text?
  • alt text for links
  • Commons talk:Language templates and the vote on the talkpage. Note: not implemented, autonym is standard now, and way too old.
  • let's see if my meta-technique works is applicable here
  • How does an IP editor set interface language? Uselang seems to work for one page only.


To separate code and content, a set of strings in a set of languages. Each string gets its own path.

  • API
    • definitions of string set, language set, indexed access path ✓  Done just make a string
    • compute path (this is entangled with the definitions)
    • detect non-existent/empty path path ✓  Done {{LanguageSelector/IfPageExists|path=somepath|then=this|else=that}} / just use ifeq
  • UI edit control
    table displaying status and links
    • new
    • edit
    • purge


My images[edit]

My camera is a Kodak P880. As of September 2009, my picture folder contains 25k+ files. The vast majority of these files are exposure variants or time series, but after selection, there might be a couple of hundred pics of sufficient quality and relevance to be uploaded here. This will not be a quick process, though. I live in Berlin, so I expect to contribute lots of past and future pictures related to Berlin. Also, I noticed that a lot of objects/processes of daily life are not covered at all on Commons, so this should become the other big topic on this page.




These are from an August 2009 weekend trip, a few other pics are waiting to be uploaded.


This is a remnant of the Berlin Wall.

Other contributions[edit]