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Another one of my pictures:
Панорама на Мариово над селото Манастир (1).jpg
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Union Jack, 1x1.png
I, Dzvonko Petrovski, have published this media under the terms of the license CC BY-NC 4.0 which allows you to:
  • Freely use and distribute it for non-commercial
  • Create derivative works of it

Under this condition:

  • Credit me as author and use the same license. To do so add "Dzvonko Petrovski, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-NC 4.0" good legible next to the image.

Please, use this work legally fulfilling the terms of the license!

Please, let me know if you use this work outside Wikimedia Commons sending me an email to UserIconMail.svg Petrovskyz or to with reference to the URL in case of a website or to the ISBN/author/title in case of a printed work or ebook. I am always very glad if you consider to send me a copy of the publication or a promocode of the eBook as gratitude for using my works.

Furthermore, if you

  • want to use this work under other conditions,
  • want me to rework this file out of the original RAW file, or
  • search for a similar picture,

please, don't hesitate to contact me