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I mainly frequent Wikipedia (w:User:Phyzome), but I am now uploading all my images to commons.

Don't worry about the large number of un-categorized images I've been uploading. I've got a huge backlog crammed into my thumb drive, and I need to relieve the pressure on it. In the coming weeks, I'll finish integrating them into Commons and other projects. To watch (or help with) the process, see my DC1 gallery. Thanks!

As my gallery shows, I specialize in photos in the following fields. Feel free to request particular photos.

  • Plants and birds of central Virginia
    • hardwood forest
    • fields
    • pine barrens
    • urban
    • creeks
  • Laboratory equipment (to a lesser degree, but go ahead and ask).

I also maintain an ImageShack gallery of candidates for upload. Please do not upload these images -- they are copyrighted unless or until I choose to upload them to Commons. If you see one you'd like uploaded, just ask and I'll grab it.


The licensing system has changed since I uploaded some or most of my photos. Any image tagged with {{Own work}}, GFDL, or any Creative Commons license should be updated to {{self2|GFDL|cc-by-sa-2.5,2.0,1.0}}.