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What I do

I do a lot of different things around here these days. Often I'm uploading my own images of rail in the northeast - MBTA, Amtrak, Shore Line East, and others - as well as some farther-flung locations. I don't make too many due to time constraints, but occasionally I'll take HDR images and make vector maps. I keep a list of stations for which I took the first free image here.

Every file I've made is now located under Category:Files by User:Pi.1415926535.

A significant portion of my work is organization. I build architecture - I create categories, sort images, and identify places. I've completed a full organization of Category:Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, briefly completed top-level organization of Category:Boston, and began attacking Category:Tone-mapped HDR images. I'm currently working through a bunch of old transit images.

As part of my historical interests on en.wikipedia, I upload a lot of historical images and maps, largely from pre-1923 public domain sources. I also transfer free images from Wikipedia and Flickr, and occasionally do some editing for the Wikipedia Graphic Lab.

User rights

I have a legitimate alternative account, User:Pi1415926535, which I use for a variety of purposes. I use it for uploads that I don't want mixed in with my personal uploads; that includes transfers from enwiki, flickr transfers, and technically improved edits to other images (like contrast and color modification) that are unlikely to be controversial. I also occasionally use it on public computers (and to prevent anyone else using it to impersonate me). All edits from that account should be considered identically to edits from this account; please leave me messages on this talk page.

I was granted the filemover right a while back. I check requested moves occasionally; if your requested move has waited a while, leave me a message and I'll take a look.

I'll likely go for adminship at some point in the not-so-distant future; the mop would be handy for a lot of the architecture-building and copyvio-nominating I do. I've been hanging around Commons:Deletion requests to get more familiarity with the deletion process.

Useful Stuff[edit]

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