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Below are some of my favourite self-shot images. More images, and more information about myself, is on my User Page in the German language Wikipedia.

A Russian chronograph watch Poljot Buran which I bought in 1990 on a flee market in Germany for about 90 Euros (100 German Marks then), when the future of Russia seemed wide open... This watch is manufactured on machines which were bought by the Soviet Union from Swiss watch companies. As a strange side aspect, the design is a copy of a German military watch, the "Tutima Fliegerchronograph" from World War II (!), an image of which is here and in the file description
An Alfa Romeo Giulia which is with great likelihood older than you, dear reader
Panorama from the grandstand of the rowing venue Regattastrecke Oberschleißheim near Munich, Germany, where I live
Scientific programmable calculator HP-32SII from Hewlett-Packard (1991), when this company was still arguably one of the most noticeable tech companies of all time, and not what it is today after it was mutilated by the turbo capitalists
Rear side of an AV receiver Pioneer VSX-1020, a device class with probably the greatest diversity of connection standards of all types of electronic consumer devices
BMW M8 GTE Endurance Race Car on display at Munich Airport in 2020
Pittigrilli's hand, usually not visible...
Mountain Wildspitze (engl. "Wild peak") in Tyrolia in the Alps, with 3.768 m the second highest mountain in Austria