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Saša Šantić, Our heritage, 2007, oil on canavas, 100 x 100 cm. My contributed pictures: Lascaux - Salona girl -

I'm a painter, profesor of Visual Arts, and a novelist. I live and work in Mostar, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I'm largely interested in Visual Arts of all kind and I mostly write about history and art history of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, also history and culture of Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The articles related to Croatia, Croats and South Slavs are also the subject of my contributions to Wikipedia.

I am also interested in art history of various political, geographical and historical regions of Europe (especially regions of Former Yugoslavia, Balkans, Central Europe, and Western Europe.

Here is my page on Wikipedia:

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Here is also my photo gallery: w:User:Prof saxx/Images

Countries visited
Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia The Netherlands Spain Slovenia Italy France Monaco Germany Austria