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I'm a Wikigraphist of the Graphic Lab to which you can request images improvement.


Here are some tools I recommend:

Watermark templates[edit]

Here I have collected a few of the templates for the watermarks I have removed from any watermarked images.

To use them, drop them on the watermarked image in Gimp or Photoshop and align them with the watermark. If you use the XCF or PSD file, then that's it. If you use the "divide" or "substract" layer versions, then you will need to set the layer blending mode of the that template image respectively. For templates where I have provided only a divide layer and the watermark appears brighter than the background in the watermarked image, do "invert colors" before and after using the template. For JPEG images you will most likely need to blur or clone over any remaining JPEG artifacts.

Image source Watermarked example XCF (for GIMP) PSD (for Photoshop) Subtract layer only Divide layer only Other Original watermark div
age fotostock [1] xcf psd sub 1024px, 1200px, 1280px
Provincial Archives of Alberta [2] xcf psd div original div [3] xcf psd sub [4] xcf psd sub div original div
Lunate1759 (talk · contribs) [5] xcf psd sub div original [6] xcf psd sub div original all together
Národní galerie v Praze xcf psd sub div original xcf xcf psd sub div original
Subway06~commonswiki (talk · contribs) xcf psd sub div original wide, tiled div mask for inpainting xcf psd sub div original

All of the above watermarks can be also directly accessed from this shared folder.