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Myself, at Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario

My name is Rainer Halama.

I am German, in my early 60's and I have decided to digitilize my collection of slides. Some of them I like to share with you. And some of them, I think can still serve well as illustrations in Wikipedia.

Apart from digitilzing old slides, which has stepped into the background I now photograph to illustrate articles or give comprehensive views of cultural heritage monuments or objects of art or document current events for future times.

I am also active mostly in the German Language Wikipedia as User:Wuselig. I also upload scans and own images of 2-dimensional works (i.e. mere reproductions) and CC-0 licensed works under that Username. All works that I want attribution for are uploaded here.

To avoid conflicts of interest, and to prevent to be accused of sock-puppetry, I confine all my nominations and voting activity to the SUL account "User:Wuselig" accross all projects.

Some of my Images

Usage and Views of my Images by Month and Year

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