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Yup, terrible picture, but it has it's uses.


I'm Random articles. I'm only properly active on en:Wikipedia; anything I do on here at the Commons tends to be ensuring that any articles I'm working on can have a decent Commons link and picture gallery to browse and use. I'm no photographer, any uploads I do tend to be from Geograph or Flickr, if the pictures are not already available on the Commons. To the side you can see one of the two photographs I've ever taken myself and uploaded onto the Commons - it's a terrible picture, and I'm very sorry about that.

I reserve to right to screw everything up, so please don't be mad when I do - I'm 99.999% likely not to have done it on purpose, but feel free to take it up with me on my talk page and tell me how I should actually do things on here if needs be.

OK, cool, awesome stuff,


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