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Rebex sketching at the rim of Grand Canyon

My name is Rebex, and I have been playing with lines and colors for as long as I can remember. My art website is I actively study the visual traditions of the oriental and indigenous cultures during my journey of life that starts in Mainland China, continues to the Canadian Pacific Coast, and is now on going in Northern California. After finishing postsecondary and graduate education at the University of Toronto and Stanford University, I further embrace my serious pursuit in traditional art. A committed meditator and trained in theoretical physics, I strive to portray the everlasting delicacy of everyday experience and the ever-changing nature of the world around us through my work. The understandings and visions from my inner work are constant sources of inspiration for my art.

As a self-taught artist, I have benefited tremendously from the open source community, and I want to give back by sharing all my stock images on WikiMedia.


  • 2013, Co-initiated Stanford Chinese Chan
  • 2012, Exhibition at Pacific Art League - Waterworks, Palo Alto CA
  • 2011, Exhibition at Wallenberg Hall - Gallery 160, Stanford University
  • 2010, Taught meditation to 366 teenagers in Paro, Bhutan
  • 2010, Student Exhibition at COHO
  • 2009, Co-founded Stanford Zen Society
  • 2009, Exhibition with Smothering Heat, University of Toronto
  • 2008, One week silent solitary retreat at Arrow River Forest Hermitage
  • 2007, Started formal Zen meditation training with Venerable Hwasun Yangil