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Category Sortkeys[edit]

General rule: Every category has a “natural” way of dividing it into subcategories:

The natural subcategories are always sorted with the @/A-Z keys. All other subcategories should go into a special sortkey or into a meta-subcategory.

Key Usage Abstract Categories Class Categories Meta Categories Intersection Categories Object Categories Reasoning
Example parent categories: Geography Mountains Mountains by country Mountains of France Mont Blanc
 criterium Subordinate meta-categories where the content of this category is devided according to a specific criterium Geography by country Mountains by country Mountains by country by height Mountains of France by region ✘ Sorted at the very beginning.
!criterium Meta-meta-categories where subordinate meta categories are sorted by the same criterium ✘ ✘ Mountains by season by country ✘ ✘ Sorted just below the previous block.
#presentation Subcategories concerning the way the topic is presented, like “Views of X”, “Videos of X”, “X in art”... Geography in art Videos of mountains Views of mountains by country Panoramics of mountains in France Maps of Mont Blanc A way of categorizing which is totally different from and additional to the normal category hierarchy, thus before the other special sortkeys.
$award Subcategories with Highlighted content Valued images of Geography Featured pictures of mountains Quality images of mountains by country Valued images of mountains of France Featured pictures of Mont Blanc These media are very valued by the community, thus the $.
%part Subcategories which cover only a defined part of the objects, like doors of houses, leaves of plants... ✘ Summit crosses Summit crosses by country Summit crosses in France ✘ The % symbolizes the fact that only a part of the objects is covered.
&aspect Subcategories which include an additional aspect to the category scope ✘ Mountains with snow Mountains at sunrise by country Water reflections of mountains in France ✘ The & symbolizes the addition of a special aspect.
*special kind Subcategories which limit the topic to a special kind of objects ✘ Inselbergs Inselbergs by country Inselbergs in France ✘ The * symbol is already widely used for such cases.
+location Subcategories which limit the topic to a specific geographical area, if not collected in their own “by location” metacategory Geography of Switzerland Mountains of Austria Mountains of Europe by country Mountains of Bretagne Mont Blanc in France Think of the + as the cross to mark a location on a map.
>relation Subcategories which are tightly related but nevertheless lead away from the actual topic, like views from a mountain, products of a company... ✘ Views from mountains Views from mountains by country Things named after mountains in France Views from Mont Blanc Since it leads the user away from the actual topic, it's good that it's after most other special sortkeys. Also the > symbolizes the arrow pointing away from the topic.
? Subcategories for items where the correct assignment is unclear, like "Unidentified XYZ" ✘ Unidentified mountains Unidentified mountains by country Unidentified mountains of France ✘ The ? is the logical key for unidentified items and already used widely.
@number Subcategories naturally dividing the topic into subtopics, but with a non-alphabetic sort order, for example by season, by month... ✘ Mountains in summer Mountains in summer by country Mountains of France in October Mont Blanc in April The @ gets sorted directly before A-Z, so it's ordered exactly where alphabetically sorted entries would be located.
A-Z Subcategories naturally dividing the topic into subtopics, with an alphabetic sort order Geographical modeling Mont Blanc Mountains of Italy Mont Blanc Geology of Mont Blanc The natural sorting of subcategories.
~ Subcategories outside the topical category tree, linking to technical features of Commons like templates, gallery pages, meta categories Geography templates Categories by mountain ✘ Gallery pages of mountains of France Gallery pages of Mont Blanc Doesn't actually contain media but other stuff, so mostly uninteresting for the average user.

Note the examples are only there to help understanding. Some categories are in fact not direct subcategories, but some levels lower, and some categories don't even exist.