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see my userpage at Wikipedia User:Rodw

TUSC token: a9066da2e1d2b426887aa4151342b52a[edit]

TUSC token: a9066da2e1d2b426887aa4151342b52a

TUSC token: 8bf949d988f30dd9e031fd6710d8c50c[edit]

Trying to get a TUSC token to work


Trying to recreate a TUSC account.Rodw (talk) 13:38, 16 September 2014 (UTC)

TUSC token: 13bbc4b99f1dea516a1db9f7a9c271f3[edit]

TUSC token: 13bbc4b99f1dea516a1db9f7a9c271f3

TUSC token: a75ecdf4b00240327bc561f25473b7b6[edit]

still trying to get this to work.Rodw (talk) 14:12, 16 September 2014 (UTC)

TUSC token: 98673a7f5bf2dab61c7676e2b5d2915a[edit]

TUSC token: 98673a7f5bf2dab61c7676e2b5d2915a



TUSC token: 0fa32f8c4c0932309ee11519d90e4901[edit]

TUSC token: 0fa32f8c4c0932309ee11519d90e4901