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Ciao, You are Welcom

age: 50-60 years old
italian genoate
general practitioner

Prefer hits[edit]

  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • ScienceFiction
  • Literature
  • Aerospatial medicine


Origin of my nickname, Roger, is used in radio comunicazion to tell I recept message, I understand, ok.
469 is a WinMix number, one of the first share programs or resource condivision. WinMix automaticaly assigned to me and I liked it because it's formed by first number rised power and the some first number multiplied themself.


I used utent like computer since first rising and I traced its evolution until to day.

  • in 1983 I used first time VIC20 and I learn the BASIC language.
  • two months later I sperimented Commodore 64 with its main programs Multiplan, Excel prototype, EasyScript and The Manager and SuperBase, simple database.
  • from 1984 to 1988 my second job was in italian Commodore magazine and I published my works in this and other computer magazine.
  • in 1992, I buy my first PC, a 386.
  • in 2002, I replace with OmniBook HP and this I use actualy.
  • I stock films, music and utilities on CD, the rest parts, I have online, in four italian hubs, a selected 357 MBs, copyright free ebooks.rar file in italian, latin, english, american and canadian languages.