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Specializing in bringing you breathtaking Landscape & Portrait Photography that showcases some of the Amazing Beauty that is around us every day...

Rohaan Ali Bhatti is a thriving Pakistani Landscape Photographer working as Rohaan Ali Photographics

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Rohaan Ali is driven by a love of travel and the adventure of getting to great locations to photograph scenes in stunning light and sharing the beauty of nature with others. His photographs are often the result of his patient pursuit to capture unique scenes and moments that sustain his love of wilderness. He always looks to immerse himself in the environment he shoots. In turn Rohaan captures the true heart and soul of a location, evident in all his images.

Prior to pursuing photography, Professionally he has been into Brand Management, Marketing Services, Creative Design and Digital Photography for the last 12 years. He has been working for Brands like LG Mobile, Trend Mobiles, Four Brothers Group, Din Media Group and Software Solutions.

His Photography showcases blend of capturing amazing Architectural designs and Landscapes, his ideology behind landscapes not only covering high peak mountains and stunning weathers but also about Discovering Hidden Pearls and exploring it to the world. We often see many things around us everyday but never admire until you photographed it beautifully. So this ideology makes you different from others and you will show your point of view to the world. Other than that adding human elements in Landscapes surely be an icing on the cake. his mainly specialization is taking on sunsets with stunning silhouettes to make those shots from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

His Passion was started by taking replicas of Education related photography of International Universities and then to apply onto various Ad Campaigns and Publications of LUMS, University of South Asia, Iqra University, American National School and Beaconhouse Group. this medium of highlighting Brands in Photography still going on with several Big Brands like Tarzan Agri Centers (Four Brothers Group), Bahria Town TVCs and Levis Brand. In back 2005, He joined 4B Group as Brand Manager of Trend Mobiles which gave him opportunity to travel a lot with in Pakistan and explore the world of landscape through his lens.he has passion to travels frequently to multiple destinations including South Korea, China, Dubai (UAE), Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

His photographs capture sublime moments of light and land, which are the result of meticulous planning and preparation and often take years to achieve. Rohaan Ali is a photographer who seeks out patterns in the landscape and the hidden links between reality and the imagination. His dream will be to travel round the world, Capture and Conquer the beautiful world through Lens...