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Rotatebot will be replaced by a MediaWiki core feature.
Tool is not fully working on Toolserver yet. In the meanwhile SteinsplitterBot takes over its tasks.
The bot will be moved to Tool Labs soon. This will solve this problem.
Down currently
Down currently
This bot is temporarily not working (expected for approximately 24 hours as of now)

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I will rotate 15 images from my category. refresh

The next issued rotation request would take approximately 1 day, 0:47 hours to be processed.

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If there are problems with rightless rotations by IPs, admins can set the permission for rotating to autoconfirmed there.

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Welcome to Rotatebot.

Please report bugs.

This bot runs on the Toolserver!
This Bot runs on the Wikimedia:Toolserver
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Last update 1 July 2014
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Operator: Luxo
Contact: User talk:Rotatebot    Urgent issues: mail
Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic
Programming Language(s): PHP
Edit period(s): 24/7. Starts every 15 minutes if the previous run has finished gracefully. Images are processed not earlier than 45 minutes after tagging.
Functions: It rotates images from Category:Images requiring rotation by bot. You can include your own by adding the template {{Rotate}}; e.g. simply add {{Rotate|90}} to its description for rotating by 90° clockwise. You can use the RotateLink gadget to do this.

Following the update (on 5 October 2011) of our server-side software (MediaWiki) Rotatebot takes the EXIF-specified orientation into account (and helps you to solve the problems with this change; more info at Commons:Rotation). Consequently, the degree parameter needs to be specified based on the thumbnails of the files.

The images are rotated with the lossless (which means “no generation loss” here; note that even “lossless” jpegtran rotation can be slightly lossy [depends on the image's dimensions; at maximum 16 pixels are cropped at borders if a image is not consisting of full jpeg blocks – like most digi cam images are] but no new compression artifacts are added) rotate tools jpegtran (and ExifTool) for jpgs and ImageMagick for pngs and gifs. Other formats are not supported but diverted to humans for manual processing.

Rotatebot's full-load speed currently is about 2139 images per day (depends heavily on the filesizes of the processed files). It processes at max. 40 images per run in the order they were added to the maintenance category. To explore the category in a visual way: You may use VisualFileChange for this task. Click here to start. (Select "from old to new" as sorting-option in the "more-options" container)


: 76408 files with a total of 149515 MiB; 1.96 MiB per file.
: 56500 files with a total of 112175 MiB; 1.99 MiB per file.
: 41977 files with a total of 86775 MiB; 2.07 MiB per file.
: 27600 files with a total of 58208 MiB; 2.11 MiB per file.
Sources: own count of uploads, Toolserver tools: (do not open these links if possible - takes ages if it finishes at all!) Edit counter with uploads, monthly overview diagram, size uploaded.

Source code: here

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Bot This user account is a bot operated by Luxo (talk). It is flagged as a bot.

It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.

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