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I mostly work on the English version of Wikipedia and have the same user name there.

I started uploading maps of counties in the United States, as I thought they would be more useful here than just at Wikipedia in English. Since then I have done maps of:

  • all 67 counties in Pennsylvania
  • all 88 counties in Ohio
  • school districts in all 63 Pennsylvania counties that have more than one district
  • all 100 counties in North Carolina
  • all 5 counties in Rhode Island
  • all 64 parishes in Louisiana.
  • locator maps for 49 of the 50 states in the United States

I make other small maps for articles on creeks, railroads, and history (mostly of places in Pennsylvania)

I also take photos for articles on and upload those photos here.

Gallery of my uploads here ...

Old school uploads

Flickr uploads


My work for Wikipedia and Commons used elsewhere[edit]

Here are some of the images I have made for use on Wikipedia and Commons that have been used elsewhere. I only include uses by media that seem notable.

  1. a) My photograph of a natural gas drilling rig was used as the cover image of the Fall 2010 Citizen's Guide to Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania by the National Sea Grant Law Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
    b) The same photograph was used (with my permission) in the October 28, 2010 print issue of the Hummelstown, Pennsylvania weekly newspaper The Sun.
    c) Public Radio International used it in its September 27, 2011 story the "Natural gas boom may be making people sick"
    d) It was also used by the RAND Corporation in its April 27, 2012 article "Could Coal Mine Drainage Be Used for Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Extraction?"
    e) The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch website used it in its October 17, 2012 article "Exxon deal heats up Canada shale play".
  2. My panoramic photo of Fairfield Township is used (with my permission) by the Coalition for Responsible Growth and Resource Conservation on their web page
  3. My photo of Steamtown National Historic Site was used in National Parks Traveler's September 14, 2008 article "Attendance Shortfalls at Steamtown National Historic Site Prompt Calls for Privatization"
  4. a) My photo of a fracking gas drilling tower was used in the National Wildlife Federation's September 15, 2011 article "Environment: The Trouble with Fracking"
    b) A cropped version of the same photo was used in the San Antonio Business Journal article by James Aldridge on September 18, 2012 in "Japan eying North American shale gas to meet country’s power needs
  5. My panoramic photo of Bald Eagle Mountain was used by The Conservation Fund to illustrate a grant they made to preserve part of the mountain
  6. My photo of the statue of Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden in Karlsruhe is used by Encyclopedia Britannica in its article on Charles Frederick
  7. My photo of Durrwachter Alumni Center at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania is used by Encyclopedia Britannica in its article on the university
  8. My photo of a game in the 2007 Little League World Series is used by Encyclopedia Britannica in its article on Little League Founder Carl Stotz
  9. My photo of the Clinton County, Pennsylvania courthouse is used by Encyclopedia Britannica in its article on Clinton County
  10. My photo of the Presque Isle Light at Presque Isle State Park was used by Russ Rowlett of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's website on Lighthouses of the United States: Northwestern Pennsylvania
  11. My panoramic photo of the Pine Creek Gorge was used by the Pennsylvania State University's Pennsylvania Center for the Book Summer 2008 article by Urja Davé on PA's Grand Canyon: More than just sightseeing
  12. a) My photo of a cardiac operating room was used by New Jersey 101.5 news anchor Kelly Waldron's April 23, 2012 story Surgery Just Over a Week Away – Kelly’s Journey
    b) The same photo was used by Inc. (magazine)'s Paul Spiegelman in his March March 15, 2013 "Company Culture" blog post Why You Should Care About Hospital Culture
    c A cropped version of the same photo was used by Inc. (magazine)'s Gene Marks in his February 27, 2013 "Under the Wire" blog post 9 Great Things About the Looming Sequester
  13. My map of the state of Louisiana was used twice by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) on its Press Room: Evolution on the Front Line page
  14. Yet another of my gas well photos was used by the Audubon Society's Alisa Opar in her March 11, 2010 article "Report says Proposed Fracking Law Won’t Stop Industry, House Investigates the Controversial Practice"
  15. My dental panoramic X-ray was used by Scientific American's Kyle Hill in his May 22, 2013 blog post Why Portland Is Wrong About Water Fluoridation
  16. My panoramic photo of the two branches of Swift Run in Snyder-Middleswarth Natural Area is used at the top of the official Snyder County, Pennsylvania website here, and in their Best Kept "Secret Places" to Visit in Snyder County, PA guide.

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