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I'm a plant enthusiast with a particular interest in the exceptionally rich southern African flora, both native and introduced. The photography of plants is a hobby and over a period of about 40 years I have accumulated a large collection of plant images. The main purpose of my photos is to assist in plant identification, hence emphasis is on diagnostic features. A prerequisite is that images should be sharp to show the required information. I have found that a dark background, along with the use of a macro lens to capture maximum detail, works well in depicting plants for identification purposes.

I'm in the process to make my collection of images available on Wikimedia Commons. Images are uploaded more or less according to family. The names on the photographs are reasonably authoritative, with a preference for the classifications commonly used in southern Africa. I’ll endeavour to keep the names updated as classifications change due to research. I would be happy to receive feedback and suggestions on the names used for taxa. Making my collection of images available online is an ongoing project.

To date images representative of the following families have been uploaded:

  • Acanthaceae
  • Altingiaceae
  • Amaryllidaceae
  • Anacardiaceae
  • Apocynaceae (incl. Asclepiadaceae and Periplocaceae)
  • Asclepiadaceae (see Apocynaceae)
  • Asparagaceae (incl. Hyacinthaceae)
  • Asteraceae
  • Balanophoraceae
  • Bombacaceae (see Malvaceae)
  • Boraginaceae
  • Bruniaceae
  • Buddlejaceae (see Scrophulariaceae)
  • Bytneriaceae (see Malvaceae)
  • Campanulaceae (incl. Lobeliaceae)
  • Colchicaceae
  • Convolvulaceae
  • Cucurbitaceae
  • Cytinaceae
  • Ericaceae
  • Fabaceae (incl. Caesalpiniaceae, Mimosaceae and Fabaceae)
  • Francoaceae (incl. Greyiaceae and Melianthaceae)
  • Fumariaceae (see Papaveraceae)
  • Geissolomataceae
  • Geraniaceae
  • Gerrardinaceae
  • Greyiaceae (see Francoaceae)
  • Hamamelidaceae
  • Hyacinacaeae (see Asparagaceae)
  • Iridaceae
  • Labiatae (see Lamiaceae)
  • Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
  • Leguminosae (see Fabaceae)
  • Linaceae
  • Linderniaceae
  • Loasaceae
  • Lobeliaceae (see Campanulaceae)
  • Loranthaceae
  • Maesaceae (see Primulaceae)
  • Malpighiaceae
  • Malvaceae (incl. Bombacaceae, Bytneriaceae, Pentapetaceae, Sparrmanniaceae, Sterculiaceae, and Tiliaceae)
  • Melastomataceae
  • Melianthaceae (see Francoaceae)
  • Menispermaceae
  • Metteniusaceae
  • Myrsinaceae (see Primulaceae)
  • Orchidaceae
  • Orobanchaceae
  • Oxalidaceae
  • Papaveraceae (incl. Fumariaceae)
  • Pedaliaceae
  • Pentapetaceae (see Malvaceae)
  • Periplocaceae (see Apocynaceae)
  • Phrymaceae
  • Plumbaginaceae
  • Proteaceae
  • Primulaceae (incl. Maesaceae, Myrsinaceae, and Theophrastaceae)
  • Retziaceae (see Stilbaceae)
  • Rubiaceae
  • Salicaceae (in progress)
  • Santalaceae (incl. Viscaceae)
  • Scrophulariaceae s.str.
  • Sparrmanniaceae (see Malvaceae)
  • Sterculiaceae (see Malvaceae)
  • Stilbaceae (incl. Retziaceae)
  • Tecophylaeaceae
  • Tiliaceae (see Malvaceae)
  • Violaceae
  • Viscaceae (see Santalaceae)