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My contributions[edit]

Photographs Hamburg/Architecture[edit]

Other photographs[edit]


Not by me[edit]

(but uploaded by me, and I keep an eye on this nonetheless:)

A few notes on flags[edit]

I used to upload lots of flags to Wikimedia Commons, but somehow lost track of the rather complicated flag business ... I did, however, accumulate a nice collection of SVG flag images, which are available for download from my website. These seem to be used on Commons to a certain extent, so the following notes may still be of interest:

I usually follow the construction sheets found at Flags of the World and Mello Luchtenberg's Vexilla Mundi as well as various other sources that I might come by. In drawing the flags, I strive for precise adherence to the specifications. The images all have the same height, 800 pixels. The width is then determined by the width-to-height proportions of each flag. For colouring, I mostly follow Luchtenberg's data, even if his RGB values for some Pantone shades differ from those found in other conversion tables on the Internet.

About me[edit]

My name is Sebastian Koppehel. For more information please see my user page on the German or English Wikipedia.