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Safa Daneshvar[edit]

Safa Daneshvar, Phase 19, Asaluyeh, Iran

First Name: Safa (Persian: صفا)

Last Name: Daneshvar (Persian: دانشور)

Birthday: June 24, 1980

Lives in: Tehran, Iran

Contact information[edit]

Mobile number: +98 912 521 23 88

Email Address:


  • Bachelor of Mining Engineering - South Tehran Azad University (Farsi Page)
  • Master of Civil Engineering - Soil Mechanics (Geotechnical Engineering) - Zanjan Azad University (ZIAU)
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering - Roudehen Azad University (RIAU)


Safa Daneshvar, Aragats Summit, Armenia
  • Mountaineering
  • Adventure/Sport
  • Photography
  • Open Water Freediving
  • Open Water Swimming

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