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I posted pictures of small animals and plants for a while. In the galleries you can find the pictures i already uploaded. Important: I'm not a taxonomist. Please inform me when i mixed up some species.


There are also quite some pictures i mass uploaded using this account.

i also added quite some images from other people that were willing to publish their pictures under an open license:

This account User:File Upload Bot (Sarefo) helps me whenever i do mass uploads, for example:

  • Calwer Kaeferbuch (1000+)
    poster of all beetles in Calwer's Käferbuch
  • another batch of 3000 pics from James Lindsey (2009-07-04)

if you're interested what i'm wasting my time on at the moment, check out the Todo page ;)

Music! Drinks![edit]

Here are some Scriabin files I uploaded a while ago: