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Shoubhik Bose ( born 7 August 1990) is a Mashup developer, social media enthusiast, blogger and a final year Computer Science and Engineering student. When he's not coding, he edits Wikipedia, plays the guitar or watches TED talks.

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Early and Personal Life[edit]

Shoubhik Bose was born and brought up in Chandannagar. He showed ardent interest in cricket,swimming,football,table tennis and dancing in his childhood.


Shoubhik Bose has completed his school education from Don Bosco School, Bandel. He is currently studying Computer Science and Engineering at West Bengal University of Technology.

Seismograph made by Shoubhik on display at Boscotsav 2011

Computer Programming[edit]

Shoubhik Bose is into programming from the age of 6, when he was introduced into Computing in school. He learnt Logo and Basic till the 6th Grade in school. Since high school, he has been mostly programming in C , C++ and Java. He is keen on battling it out at International Programming Contests like Google Codejam and Facebook Hacker Cup. He has ranked within the TOP 4200 in the World in these contests.

Web Development[edit]

Shoubhik Bose is passionate about web technologies namely, J2EE and .NET. He is a Google Developer and has developed many applications on Google Appengine. Some of his applications have been used in his college. He was a finalist in IBM-The Great Mind Challenge 2010 where his team , SNAKES developed a Virtual Classroom System. In 2011, he also built a (non-profit) application to view ISC Results By Name. His online code repository :

Community activity[edit]

Wikipedia meetup

Shoubhik Bose uses Wikipedia for almost anything. He depends less on books and more on Wikipedia. He contributes to wikipedia articles mainly on softwares, programming languages, development environments and more specifically new technologies.

Wikipedia Meetup - Kolkata 2011-02-12


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Shoubhik has been a software evangelist for IBM's development tools. He is the brand ambassador of IBM - The Great Mind Challenge in his college.

Social Media[edit]

Shoubhik, a social media enthusiast, has high online activity in social networking websites namely ,, Facebook , Twitter, Google+ and Blogger.