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Note on Wikimedia Commons development

Since the Upload Wizard didn't seem to work for me any more, i temporarily had to quit mass uploading in spring 2015. Now mass uploads are kinda working again, but frequent errors occur. I am very much concerned, that MediaWiki development is running in a total mess of further incompatibilities and special developments that do not go together with many recently developped functions and extensions, causing more and more errors, and asking for more and more very technical user skills. This evolution is quite the opposite of the user-friendlyness MediaWiki once was famous for. Collecting the world's knowledge only can be gained, if the world still can contribute, and not just a hand full of nerds. My advice for tech staff: keep it simple!

About me[edit]

Peter Schmelzle from germany.

I participate foremost with pictures from south western germany, specialising on historic buildings, churches, art objects, tombstones, etc. I am surely no professional photographer, but i have time and possibility to take many photos of interesting objects. Some photos are quite well, some are pretty poor. I don't mind, and i hope so do you, since the pictures do work to illustrate many articles, that otherwise would lack a picture.

See my sorted picture galleries here.

For more info on me see my user-site on german wikipedia: Benutzer:Schmelzle.


Contact me by mail to or just call me ++(49)-(0)7063-951662 (answering machine 24/7, leave a note, i will call back).

Often checked pages[edit]

Trying to sort this mess: