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Scribley is the Wikimedia name of a contributor from the area around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

("Scribley/Scribly" is a area where my grandmother was brought up in the early 20th century in the town of Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland, so it's in honor of her.)

I'm a lawyer, and am proud to hold triple-citizenships with the United States, Eire, and the United Kingdom.

I've created several articles (e.g., The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule), but tend to edit and beef-up articles I find interesting, especially pertaining to law, baseball, history, and the bios of worthy folks.

My particular interest is Legal history, both for the United States and England. I'm a co-author on a volume in-progress for Oxford University Press about the Pennsylvania Constitution, which will be part of OUP's series of commentaries on the state constitutions of the USA.

One of my current (as of late 2020) projects is updating and adding content to the bio of the gifted English actor George MacKay. It's a small indirect thank you to him for his superb performance in the film 1917, which touched my family due to our connections with World War I.

If you wish to contact me please leave a message on my talk page.