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Sadik Shahadu
Sadik Shahadu
Yes, We can!

About me

Sadik Shahadu is a professional project manager, researcher and digital marketing strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. I am passionate about Open Education, Open Data and the use of open-source technology.

My strengths are my interpersonal communication skills and my ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds. I am a Mozilla Open Leaders X fellow and a MozFest wrangler for Mozilla Festival 2021.

I am interested in working with indigenous languages communities and always happy to discuss how we can bridge the gender gap on Wikipedia and the digital divide across Africa.

My work

Sadik has been involved in several projects to support education in Ghana, including: A project to build and distribute “Internet-in-a-box” devices that enable people in Ghana to use rich online resources like Wikipedia even when their access to the Internet and electricity is missing or limited. A Mozilla open leaders X organizer who works to provide no-cost websites for students and educators in Ghana to create and share open educational resources designed specifically for local teaching and learning needs. A UNESCO ‘Open Education for a Better World’ program participant working to build a free online course for students under the UN SDGs goal 4: Quality education. He volunteers in facilitating/coordinating Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia commons in Ghana.

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