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Welcome to my Wikimedia Commons User Page. Feel free to take a look at my contributions. My photographs are mostly Drone-, Product-and Nature-photos. In addition to the pictures here on wikimedia I also upload my pics to Flickr, 500px and Instagram. Most of my pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons License. So you can use them freely – if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. When I don't take photos, I write code – some of my source code is available under free and open source licenses on GitHub. My day job is Data Analyst (Controlling), before I was Mechatronics Engineer and Software Developer (Full-Stack DevOps).

My most famous photos can be viewed in album SimonWaldherr/VIP

As a firefighter, from time to time I can take beautiful photos of firefighting exercises, for which I have also created a subpage: SimonWaldherr/Firefighting

I've taken a lot of photos of Apple hardware, so I created a separate wiki subpage for it: SimonWaldherr/Apple

Since I did not only take a lot of pictures with my DJI drones, but also of my drones, I also created a subpage for it: SimonWaldherr/DJI

I am very interested in Science, so there is also a subpage for that: SimonWaldherr/Forschung

As a member of the CCC, I attend CCC events several times a year (e.g. Chaos Communication Congress): SimonWaldherr/ChaosEvents

Here is a gallery with some of my 360° panorama photos - for all of my pano-photos, go to the SimonWaldherr/Pano subpage - with a click on the "360°" link you can open the panorama in the PanoViewer. Click on the image to open it as a Equirectangular projection instead.


Below is a small selection of some of my best pictures (from different categories):

you can also take a look at more pictures I've uploaded to Wikimedia. There is a great tool to analyze, where these photos are used on the wikipedia: here.
Simon Waldherr @ Twitter
Simon Waldherr @ GitHub