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We are, an online reseller and distributer of finest quality teas. And we are proud to contribute to wikipedia and wiki commons, once in a while.

contact us:

responsible for wiki: Stephan Hepper



Our Mission on Wiki Commons[edit]

We want to contribute the best photographies of teas, herbs and infusions to Wikipedia, Wiki Commons and the rest of the free Internet. We are very grateful for the help that Wikipedia has always been to us. Thus we want to make sure to return the favor appropriately.

All photos found in our gallery can be freely used for commercial and non-commercial projects according to the terms of the CC-BY-SA3.0 License.

Please see individual files for more details.

Do you need a photo?[edit]

Just let us know, and we will try our very best to add that picture as soon as possible.

Images contributed so far[edit]

see our gallery here.