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Welcome to the user page of Spielvogel.

No, I am not a photographer. Long ago I took many pictures with my old miniature Minox camera.

“In former times” - without digital photography, without Photoshop. So I´m sorry, I can´t present featured pictures here.

Nevertheless I hope some of the photos have a small documentary value. At present some hundreds of Wikipedia articles use my photos to illustrate the encyclopedia. And some are used by Wikivoyage and Wikibooks. Anyway, two years ago a good friend - unable to bear my poor photos any longer – gave me a Nikon D 3200. Maybe things will get better …


My photos of trucks  » »more …[edit]

My photos of concept cars  » »more …[edit]

My photos of electric buses  » »more …[edit]

My photos of automobiles  » »more …[edit]

My photos of motorcycles  » »more …[edit]

My photos of vans » »more …[edit]

My photos of people » »more …[edit]

My photos of Syria » »more …[edit]

My photos of Malaysia » »more …[edit]

My photos of Mexico » »more …[edit]

My photos of Thailand » »more …[edit]

My photos of Egypt » »more …[edit]

For a complete list of all my images you may click: here.

The best way to contact me is on my primary userpage. (There you may leave a message in English, 或 汉语 German ou en français.)