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meta:Grants:Learning patterns/Illustrating Wikimedia related publications and blog posts
Project Image Keywords
Wikimedia WikimediaMosaicCapture.png general, patchwork
Wikipedia 10yrs carry-our-message.png anniversary
Wikipedia (49) Nokia-5800-xpressmusic.jpg mobile
Wikimedia Wikimedia logo family complete-2013.svg general, sister projects, logos
Wikipedia Wikipedia Monument in Słubice - detail.JPG general, anniversary
Wikisource / Wikibooks general, knowledge, books, sources
GLAM GLAM logo transparent cropped.svg GLAM, commons, collaborations
Wikipedia / Wikimedia Word Cloud Readers Survey.jpg general, wikimedia, information, wordle, tag cloud
Wikipedia Wiki Ed Biographies Brochure (Photo).jpg biographies, editing, education
Wikipedia Wiki Education Foundation Revised Brochures.jpg editing, education, evaluation, manuals, help
Wikimedia Wiki Education Foundation February 2015 planning sprint 03.jpg education, planning, teamwork
Wikimedia Welcome Wiki Education Foundation (to cheese school), 2015-07-10.jpg education, welcome
Wikipedia WP hoodie DETAIL Merchandise shots-36.jpg merchandise
Wikidata Interesting content.png general, structured data
Wikimedia Couverture-wikimedia.jpg general, sister projects, logos
Wikipedia Wikipedia-puzzleglobe-V2 top.png Wikipedia inside, discovery
Wikipedia Kindness at wikipedia.png wikilove
- Magnfying glass book globe.jpg knowledge, references