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My first email request... Hello there Regarding your terms of use:

I would like permission to re-use your internet image Item Number R-B998 Item Date 1898

A display of cattle at the Qu'Appelle fair. located at

The use would be not commercial but would be used at wikipedia to supplement the article on Qu'Appelle at,_Saskatchewan

Their direct email reply to use of image... Subject:

Our File: Ref. S-15979

Dear Ms. Adamson,

Thank you for your inquiry about the use of photograph R-B998 (cattle at Qu'Appelle fair, 1898) on your website. Because this photograph is in the public domain, you are welcome to put it on your website. However, we do ask that you cite Saskatchewan Archives and the photograph number with your use of the photograph on the Internet. I have attached our photograph credit notice, which we provide to patrons who order images from us, to this email for your information.


Bonnie Wagner Reference Archivist Reference and Outreach Unit Saskatchewan Archives

Phone: (306) 933-5832 Fax: (306) 933-7305

Attachment *.doc....

This is a copy of a letter sent to folks who order prints from the SK archives...


The photographic reprint, slide or digital image you have acquired from the Saskatchewan Archives Board is for one time use for the purposes specified in your original request. Further duplication or integration into any other archival repository, library, or image bank is prohibited.

If the purpose of this material is for use in a publication, a television, video, or film production, a display, or an electronically distributed format, reasonable steps need to be taken to provide credit acknowledgement to the Saskatchewan Archives Board.

In publications and newspapers a credit line with the words “Saskatchewan Archives Board” followed by the respective call number is required adjacent to the photograph.

In documentary films and longer productions where acknowledgements are placed at the end, this may be accomplished by using the words “Saskatchewan Archives Board.” In news items and shorter productions a “super” with the abbreviation “Sask. Archives” will be acceptable.

In electronic formats such as CD-ROM’s and websites the scanned image must identify the Saskatchewan Archives Board as the source and include the appropriate call number. Credit should appear next to the image, and, if distributed electronically, the caption should be integrated into the image.

For more information please contact:

Nadine Charabin Chief Archivist, Reference and Collections Saskatchewan Archives Board University of Saskatchewan 3 Campus Drive Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 5A4