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TUSC token: 746bc1546d4984b9f05d7d9af8b1f33c[edit]

Note to other editors/admins

Most if not all my images are low-resolution because I do not really own an expensive camera (anymore) and thats why my images do not have EXIF data, some pics i have to crop before adding to Wikimedia because its the cropped part which would be used by articles on wikipedia, so the full version is not required..

I have tons of low-res images which i would upload when required/requested but if someone has a higher resolution of a picture they want to use on an article, then by all means, replace my images with yours.--Stemoc (talk) 09:05, 23 August 2013 (UTC)

"Stemoc," this is Ellen Hollman's admin. She has requested you remove the two photos of her from Florida Supercon. There have been attempts to take them down put they keep being reposted. She is not satisfied having your photo as her profile and wishes it to be removed immediately.