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Hi, My name is Sumit Surai and I contribute mainly to English Wikipedia, বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়া, Commons, WikiData and Wiki Voyage. I am from the city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India. Bengali (বাংলা) is my mother tongue and I am proficient in English and to some extent Hindi (हिन्दी). I am a web developer by profession and besides contributing to various Wikimedia projects, I love travelling, photography and writing.

Commons Contributions[edit]

All my uploads can be seen here. Apart from uploading images of heritage structures, travel destinations, food items, Wikimedia local community meetups etc., I also spend time sorting files under correct categories, request for name change change the names where required and raise delete requests as per Commons guideline.

Featured, Quality and Valued Images[edit]

Currently I have uploaded 3 featured, 191 quality and 4 valued images.

Workshops And Talks[edit]

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata[edit]

I conducted a workshop for the participants of Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VI, teaching them how to upload, categorise and write meaningful descriptions of the images.

Comics and Wikimedia Workshop - Kolkata[edit]

Taking the session on Wikimedia projects
Taking the session on Wikimedia Commons

I was part of the team who conducted the Comics and Wikimedia Workshop at Delhi Public School, Megacity, a renowned school in Kolkata. Around 200 students from classes VI, VII and VII were introduced to comic creation, storytelling, cover creation and using various Wikimedia projects effectively in all of these and their regular school projects.

While renowned comic artists Harsho Mohan Chattoraj and Charbak Dipta taught comic creation, I was responsible for the Wikimedia section. Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons were covered.

Wikimania 2018 - Cape Town[edit]

I gave a lightning talk on "What to Keep in Mind while Taking Pictures for Wikimedia Commons" at the 2018 Wikimania in Cape Town, South Africa.

Introduction to Wikipedia Conference 2018 - Tehran[edit]

At University of Tehran

I created a video for Iranian Wikimedians User Group about Why people should contribute to Wikimedia Commons, which was shown at Introduction to Wikipedia Conference 2018 at the University of Tehran. The video can be seen here and the details of the conference can be found here.

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata[edit]

I have been an active participant in most of the Wikipedia Takes Kolkata (which holds the credit for organizing the Highest number of Wikipedia Photo-walks in any city) photo walks starting from the second season. I was co-organiser in the sixth and organised the seventh.

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VI[edit]

Taking a session on Wikimedia Commons

I was given the honour to be one of the co-ordinators for Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VI. We planned lots of new things for this, which includes -

  • A post-walk workshop to help those who were new and get them started at Commons.
  • A guide leaflet containing brief description of the places to be covered for the participants.
  • A contest on relevant photo uploads.

My responsibilities were to manage the grant, the venue for the workshop, and the sponsors, and take a photo uploading session during the post-walk workshop, apart from doing recces and seeking permissions from owners/trusts so that the photo walk could be completed smoothly.

The walk was an enormous success with lots of new members joining Wikimedia and actively updating images. We also crossed 1000 relevant image uploads which was by far the best the city has ever seen.

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VII[edit]

I was the organiser for Wikipedia Takes Kolkata VII. This time we concentrated on quality over quantity and managed to upload the highest number of quality images among all the Wikipedia Takes Kolkata.

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

My photo of the Mysore Palace won the 8th place at Wiki Loves Monuments 2022 in India



As part of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2016, Wikimedians from West Bengal organized two heritage walk events at Kalna and Bardhaman. I was responsible for finalising the places based on the ASI and State Archeology lists and planning the walk.

Images I uploaded of the event and for Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

2018 - 2021[edit]

I was one of the organisers of Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in India. Apart from the initial screening to remove ineligible entries, my primary task was to manage the judging tool, Montage, and communicate with the respected juries.


I contributed images from 7 countries. (India, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy). All my contributions to Wiki Loves Monument 2018 can be seen here. I uploaded a total of 33 Quality Images.

I won 8th place at Wiki Loves Monuments in India 2022.


Bulgarian Tarator - Uploaded on day 100 of 100 dishes
Leake Street, London - Uploaded on day 100 of 100 places

I participated in the 100WikiCommonsDays twice to challenge myself.

100 Days 100 Dishes[edit]

My first attempt was on food. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the challenge after 82 days as I was travelling in no internet zone. I resumed the challenge later and completed

Details and progress of the challenge can be seen here]

100 days 100 Places[edit]

My second attempt was on places. This time I successfully completed the challenge in 100 days. The images can be seen here

Wiki Explores[edit]

I started the Wiki Explores projects in West Bengal with Wiki Explores Purulia. After the enormous success of the first phase, the Wiki Explores projects are still going strong under the able leadership of Amitabha Gupta.

Ipswich Projects[edit]

Quality Images[edit]

I found out the town of Ipswich did not have many good pictures of the landmarks. So, I have planned to upload at least one Quality Image of all the listed heritage buildings. The QI uploaded by me till now could be found here.

Wikidata Image Mapping[edit]

I am also adding images to all the Wikidata items of the heritage buildings of Ipswich. The images could be found here and the progress (the whole map should turn blue once completed) here.


I blog about heritage, travel, food and photography here