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Talofa, I'm Teinesavaii. I mainly work on wikipedia, and sometimes contribute to wikipedia in other languages.

Some of my photos in commons[edit]

<gallery> File:Samoan fale, Lelepa village, Savaii, Samoa 2009.JPG File:Samoa beach 1.JPG File:Samoa scenic coastline with palm trees foreground 1.JPG File:Samoan faleo'o (thatched home), Falealupo village, Savai'i, Samoa.JPG File:Savai'i coastal scenery palm trees & sea, Falealupo village, Samoa 1.JPG File:Falealupo Beach Fale Accommodation, Savai'i, Samoa, Polynesia.JPG File:Savaii Village 1, Samoa, Polynesia.JPG File:Coconut trees by the sea, Savai'i, Samoa.JPG File:Samoa Savaii Falealupo Beach1.JPG File:Pig 1, Savaii, Samoa.JPG File:View from the top, Falealupo Rainforest canopy walkway, Savaii, Samoa 2009.JPG File:Roast cocoa beans ready to pounded into a paste for the Samoan koko drink..JPG <gallery>