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I am Gregory Kohs.

Declaration of alternate account[edit]

I hereby wish to disclose an unauthorized sockpuppet account that I used on Wikimedia Commons in November 2007. The account was:

I used that account to upload two photos to Commons. One photo included myself in the frame, blowing soap bubbles to my daughter. The second photo was of Lake Lure in North Carolina. The first photo was deleted from Commons, at my request. But the Lake Lure photo was retained (and it still illustrates Wikipedia's article about the town on the lake). A different Wikipedia sockpuppet uploaded the Lake Lure photo to Wikipedia, but two days later, that account was blocked under the incorrect pretense that that account had been operated by another blocked user named Jon Awbrey. That "Nathaniel Riddely" account was rather humorous, because I introduced itself to Wikipedia by retiring from Wikipedia!

Good times, good times.

So, now that this is off my chest, I'm finally going to be able to sleep soundly at night again. Over four-and-a-half years without peaceful rest each night -- can you imagine? No wonder I've been so cranky and lashing out at Wikimedia projects! -- Thekohser (talk) 17:15, 3 August 2012 (UTC)