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Please conserve, recycle, get informed and get involved. About 40 current news articles about world conservation successes and failures are at ( I expect other countries to protect their rain forests and cloud forets, yet the country in which I live allows 'mountain-top removal', a permanent irreversible eco-system destruction. A great place to see proactive hands-on conservation thorugh education, reforestation, land purchases, scientific research and wetland restoration is the Atlantic rainforest reserve REGUA (

This spot used to contain my Obama ad. Gobama!!

Hi. Uploading some images to get familiar with Wikipedia. Many are weak images for articles which had no image. So far I have three Featured Pictures and a few dozen encyclopedia entries. I had written "my life dream is 'Picture of the Day'!!" but since I have acheived that dream a few times now, what is next. All images are also on ( Or click the Gallery tab above, which for some reason is not always there, and for some reason does not show all of the photos.

I am no longer updating articles with photos. I had written ... I only replace pictures in articles if I have one significantly and obviously better. Lately I have been replacing copyrighted images. Sometimes people replace my images for no apparent reason, and without giving a reason.

Tom Friedel ( tom at bird photos dot com )