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Tysto in 2007
Tysto in 2004

Tysto [TISS toe] is Derek Jensen, a professional writer, training and communication consultant, frequent business traveler, and avid amateur photographer with an interest in architecture. I am the operator of, a web magazine where my articles and photos can be found, including those I freely upload to Wikimedia Commons.

Although I feel my primary value to Wikipedia is in providing high-quality, high-resolution photographs of interesting places, I also like helping to keep Wikipedia concise, relevant, and encyclopedic in tone. I frequently edit articles for spelling, tone, flow, and point of view rather than to add information.

I am a devoted enemy of fan zeal, television minutia, band vanity, lists for the sake of lists, infotisements, transportation nerdery, and all ephemera. I am a card-carrying member of the Association of Deletionist Wikipedians. I believe that the purpose of an encyclopedia is to document everything that is notable, not everything that is true. I believe that non-notable articles hurt Wikipedia's performance, confuse casual users, and make it harder for people to find genuinely valuable information.

  • Check out the photos I've taken and contributed to Wikimedia Commons: Category:Tysto
  • I have documented many cities and towns in Indiana and Ohio from the air. Check out my progress.

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