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I'm an administrator here on Wikimedia Commons, but also on Swedish Wikipedia, Swedish Wiktionary, Swedish Wikibooks, Swedish Wikiquote, Swedish Wikinews (and Swedish Wikitravel). On Wikinews, I'm also a bureaucrat.

My name is almost always Väsk. On English WP I used the name "Bag" (an English translation of Väska), but changed it after some time. I have got accounts on Danish WP, French WP, English WP, Norwegian WP (where I call myself Väska), German WP, English and Swedish Wikinews, Wikisource, Meta and more, I think.

I upload most of my new images on Commons, although my own gallery is still on Swedish Wikipedia. You can see it on sv:Användare:Väsk/Galleri. All together it will soon be 500 images, but there is however hundreds more of interest waiting to be uploaded.

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Notes to self[edit]

Churches to be uploaded: