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I am Moajjem Hossain, live in Bangladesh, nickname - Moajjem. I have graduated in 2019 from the University of Rajshahi. I am active in editing works on both Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. I find the beauty of joy by taking photos. Besides photographs, graphic designing is the most loving thing I do. Check out my contributions on Wikimedia Commons. Vespertunes is my most used username on Social Media. If you want to leave me a message, , please use my talk page.


Rajshahi This user comes from Bangladesh.

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Breezeicons-apps-48-blender.svg This user is skilled in Blender.

Emojione 1F4F7.svg This user loves Photography.

Emojione 1F3A7.svg This user loves Rock Music.

Creative-Tail-rocket.svg This user is interested in Space.

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