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Hi, I'm W.carter or simply 'Cart' to some Wiki-friends. I divide my Wiki-time between Commons and English Wikipedia.
I am an elderly woman. By education: chemical engineer. By choice: artist. By accident: writer. By time: retired gold/silver smith. By habit: nerd.
I've had an affinity for taking photos and working with computers since the 60s. It's been quite a ride to follow the evolution of both; from film and punch cards they are now merged into digital work.
For my Wiki-work, I started by just taking "reporter-style" pictures for articles, but I have since moved on to other photos. My passion is photographing maritime scenes and items, but I'll shoot anything that captures my interest. I'm forever "chasing the light" and trying to get angles right and I love capturing ordinary things in a less ordinary way.
Initially, I had another account here on Commons, En-cas-de-soleil, one of my many newbie mistakes. I didn’t know all the WikiProjects were linked so I thought I needed a different account here. Later I naturally abandoned it.