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Hi, I'm W.carter or simply 'Cart' to some Wiki-friends. I divide my Wiki-time between Commons and English Wikipedia. Please visit my user page there. I blundered into Wikimedia set on translating small articles from Swedish to English, and ended up writing intricate articles from scratch in English and taking hi-res photos for Commons. Little did I know...
I am an elderly woman. I'd like to state that since I'm too often mistaken for a younger man online. I like cats, knitting, a good book, photography and computers.
I bought my first camera in 1965 when I could only get hold of black and white film for it. My father subscribed to LIFE magazine and I grew up with those photos. I traded up my cameras and did much of my photography during the 90s. I mostly used Pentax system cameras (for film).
In the 60s, I used a computer for the first time, with punch cards. By the 70s, I was writing programs in Algol and Basic. When new exiting computers came around 2000, I was more interested in them and put my cameras away for a decade or so. When I resumed taking photos, the world had moved into digital photography and I had to start all over again, a bit of a learning curve. Unfortunately, now I don't have the economy to buy cameras equal to the ones I used to have. But it's great fun anyway since digital cameras provide me with new options I never had with the film cameras.
For my Wiki-work, I started by just taking "reporter-style" pictures for articles, but I have since moved on to also take artistic, even experimental (to the great despair of the FPC community), photos just for the fun of it. My passion is photographing maritime scenes and items, since I've lived on or by the sea all my life, but I'll shoot anything that captures my interest. I'm forever "chasing the light" and trying to get angles right. My style is usually a bit 'outside the box', and I love capturing ordinary things in a less ordinary way.
Initially, I had another account here on Commons, En-cas-de-soleil, one of my many newbie mistakes. I didn’t know all the WikiProjects were linked so I thought I needed a different account here. When I became more active here and learned how things worked, I naturally abandoned it.

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Regarding Copyright © or Geocoding or Art --- Inspirational photographers: Julia Margaret Cameron - Chen Man - Anna Elias - Rachael Talibart - Roland Persson - Sandra Linnell - Thomas Windisch --- Good quote about phgotography: Q & A student: -"What camera are you using?" Annie Leibovitz: -"If that's what you're thinking about, you're not ... taking pictures." --- Notebook
If you can't publish a bad photo like this and laugh at yourself, you are taking photography far too seriously
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