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This is the userpage of Tilman Piesk.

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Sheet weaver spider web.jpg
Dwarf snowman - panoramio.jpg
Morina ruins.jpg
San Giovanni Evangelista in Ravenna, unicorn.jpg
San Giovanni Evangelista in Ravenna, funeral of the fox.jpg
San Giovanni Evangelista in Ravenna, lion.jpg
Major and minor triads, circles, dozenal.png
Surprised young cat.JPG
Symmetric group 4; permutohedron 3D; numbers.svg Symmetric group 4; Cayley table; numbers.svg Symmetric group 4; Cayley graph 1,5,21 (Nauru torus).svg
Venn diagram gr la ru.svg Kneser graph KG(5,2).svg Dih4 subgroups (cycle graphs).svg
16x16 matrix like octeract Hasse diagram.svg Venn 0000 0001 0001 0110.png Z2^4; Lattice of subgroups Hasse diagram.svg
Permutohedron of S3; cube permutations.png Modus Darii.svg Inversion set and vector of a permutation.svg
Tesseract tetrahedron shadow matrices.svg Logical connectives Hasse diagram.svg Tesseract Hasse diagram with nibble shorthands.svg
Weak orderings 4.svg Concertina tesseract; vertices 0110.svg Concertina tesseract; vertices 0110; pairs.svg Concertina tesseract graph.svg
Predicate logic; pairs example e2a14e3.svg
Tamari lattice, hexagons.svg Dyck lattice D4.svg Cocoon concertina square graph; matrix sketches.svg Concertina cube graph.svg
Set partitions 4; Hasse; circles.svg Bracelets222.svg Partition necklaces.svg
Tantrix tiles ryg.svg
Rothe diagram; wp(13,11, 7,15).svg Cyclic group Z4; Cayley table; powers of Gray code permutation (small).svg Walsh permutation 357 Fano red.svg Binary Walsh matrix 16.svg Powers of wp( 2, 5,10, 4).svg 1110 1000 Walsh spectrum.svg
Walsh permutation wp( 2, 3,12, 4).svg Inequivalent monotonic 4-ary Boolean functions.svg Boolean functions like 1110 1000.svg Nim-products of 2-powers; dual; 000.svg
Relationship among regular star polyhedra (green and violet).png Predicate logic; 3 variables; some implications; hex diag 1.png 3-ary Boolean functions; cube permutations; 0.svg Tesseract permutation colors 14.svg
Disdyakis 30 in Platonic 12.png Compound of five cubes, perspective.png Symmetric group 4; permutohedron 3D; transpositions (1-based).png 3D chess piece combo great rhombi white.png
Stell12s cells 12345.png 4 spheres as rings, vertical.png Tree of weak orderings in concertina cube, plain.png Concertina cube on rectangle.png
EuDi; farofe.png EuDi; farofe cell 00.png EuDi; batch 3; b colors.svg EuDi; niliko simple.svg
Circle of inverted triads on white keys.svg Circle of triads.svg
Swan nibbling shore weeds 3.jpg