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Panoramic view of the Al Khan Lagoon looking south by night. Eye of the Emirates and Fun Fair by night. Panoramic view of the Expo Centre Sharjah by night. Night view of the New Sharjah Chamber of Commerce. Night view of the boats docked to the east shorline of Al Khan Lagoon.


St. Marienthal[edit]

St. Marienthal Abbey in Germany


Mount Damavand[edit]

Aerial panoramic view of Mount Damavand.

3D Stereoscopic Images[edit]

parallel eyes crossed eyes
Damavand in 3D from far - parallel eyes.jpg Damavand in 3D from far - crossed eyes.jpg
Damavand in 3D - parallel eyes.jpg Damavand in 3D - crossed eyes.jpg

Mamloo Dam[edit]

Aerial photo of Mamloo Dam (foreground) and Mount Damavand (background).



360° view of Wadi as-Salaam in Najaf

Saudi Arabia[edit]


Panorama Shots[edit]

360° view, shot from platform below tower clocks of Makkah Clock Tower 360° fish eye view, shot from platform below tower clock of Makkah Clock Tower 180° view, W↔N↔E, shot from crescent platform of Makkah Clock Tower Aereal view from about 550m height onto Masjidul-Haram and northern parts of Makkah including Jabal-Nur.


A cat with it's small kitten somewhere in the streets of Makkah a house next to the mountain on the way to the light mountain (jabal al-nour)

Al-Masjid al-Haram[edit]

180° view, E↔S↔W 180° view, E↔S↔W – Sunset Prayer aereal view at night


Waiting for breaking dawn in Muzdalifah

Clock Tower[edit]

A cat and it's kitten in the streets of Makkah with the clock tower in the background snapshot of glass panel mounting in Jewel


South side of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi Sunset on the roof of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi


Sun behind Clouds


Sleeping Goose Camel Goat Dromedary Ostrich Ostrich Elephant Oryx Camel



Yard of the Omayyad Mosque Panoramic view over Damascus from Jabal-Arba`in Mosque on Jabal-Arba`in Damascus at night with Jabal Qasioun and it's restaurants in the back


Front view of the ancient roman theatre's podium

Palmyra (Tadmor)[edit]

View over ancient places


Holy shrine of prophet Habil near Burhlia Panoramic view from the grave of prophet Habil

Aleppo (Halab)[edit]

Panoramic view over Aleppo taken from the citadel


M42 - Orion Nebula[edit]

This photo was taken with a Sony Alpha 7 II connected to a Takahashi TOA-130NFB.


This photo was taken by holding a Sony Alpha 7 II by hand behind a Takahashi TOA-130NFB. Focus was roughly set directly on Alpha's display. HDR photo of the moon made free hand with Canon SX 40 with optical zoom of 35x. HDR photo of the moon made free hand with Canon SX 40 with digital zoom of 140x.