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YouTube Channel ID starts with UC
Vimeo channel Id is generally all non negative integer

Add ChannelID of bad authors below this line.[edit]

  1. UC1n_PfsVqxllCcnMPlxBIjw (Wilbur Soot)
  2. UCbmDO3uwTpYTwZQSvWGtzyw (Hollywood Daily)
  3. UCmurethmwdcLBjXeSM0SNDQ (Clips)
  4. UCrUdsmNE244FwdhFZ242YkA (Bugaboo.TV)
  5. UCS7-vfbHMaanWntXFr334Tw (YODAN NOHITO)
  6. UCY7OamiZ5T7teoqpcGp9GOw (优酷全娱乐, Youku Entertainment)