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Archaeological Museum of Apeiranthos, Naxos

Nálezy z jihovýchodu Naxu, převážně raně kykladské z periody EC II.

Finds from the south-east of Naxos, mostly from the Early Cycladic period EC II.

Cycladic Collections in the Archaeological Museum of Apeiranthos[edit]

Early Cycladic Petroglyphs[edit]

From Korfi Aroniou[edit]

Early Cycladic settlement in the southeast of Naxos

Others Petroglyphs[edit]

Early Cycladic marble figurines[edit]

Early Cycladic marble vessels[edit]

Early Cycladic pottery[edit]

Early Cycladic tools[edit]

Early Cycladic jewelry[edit]

Objects of unclear dating[edit]

Ancient Greek and Roman times[edit]

Byzantine art[edit]


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