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Welcome to my user page, please go to my user page on the english wikipedia, if you have anything but commentary on SVG images for further information

Special notice on vectorization[edit]

  • I aim for accuracy when vectorizing
  • I replace images in articles in the english Wikipedia when vector versions become available.
    • However I take into account the correctness of the vector versions.
  • I check my work using the SVG check tool at, to find any obvious flaws
  • I prefer to stick as closely to the image I'm vectorizing as possible, but I do edit a little:
    • remove equations (that should be article text)
    • remove unintelligible items such as text with shapes blocking it
    • remove legends (should be self-describing)
    • remove headings (that should be caption)
    • add color to distinguish otherwise indistinguishable details, i.e. separate plots and background
    • modify stroke lines to distinguish items, i.e air vs. water

If you disagree with the outcome of my work please contact me on my talk page here, preferably quoting the image in question.

You will find errors in my spelling from time to time, please do alert me in this case or correct the SVG' yourself

Templates to remember[edit]

== Source code ==
The graph was made in Matlab with the following source code. Corrected in Inkscape

<source lang="matlab">
%plot2svg must be retrieved from