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Kaixo means « Hi » in the Basque language.

Zorion is a Basque term meaning happiness or good luck.

In 2006, I chose the name "Zorion" and in 2016 in the French WP I switched my signature from "Zorionblabla" to "ZorionEKOA" which means "of good fortune".

In 2021, the hand of Irulegi was discovered, an apotropaic bronze amulet dating from the 1st century BC. We discover the oldest and also the most extensive written testimony in the [:en:Basque language|[Basque language]]:

Zorioneko / Sorioneku / NE Iberian s1b.svgGreek Heta 07.svgNE Iberian r1a.svgNE Iberian i1a.svgGreek Heta 07.svgGreek Nu 01.svgNE Iberian e1.svgGreek Theta 01.svgNE Iberian pun3.svg

Kind of a coincidence, isn't it?

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