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Mardetanha and COM:AN[edit]

I'm sorry if you believe I'm just backing up my friends, but that is not the case. Let me set some misconceptions straight - first, Mardetanha cannot see your IP. Nor in fact does anyone else who has commented on your COM:AN discussions.

Mardetanha is able to see anyone's IP, he is a steward. However I am not afraid to reveal my IP and even my real name. I openly oppose the whole regime of Iran in real life and everybody knows that. I never hide my political views even when I am in a governmental organisation. I have even put a picture of Neda in the first page of our company's website and I know lots of government figures have seen that. I am not someone who is afraid of death! I do whatever possible and sacrifice what ever I possess to defend the freedom of speech.

Furthermore, we have no control over any wikipedia - this is commons, we just deal with pictures, not articles. Some contributors may be admins elsewhere, but that is quite rare - most wikipedias tend not to like us because we aren't under their control and vast mountain of red tape. I'm sorry that you feel that you have been treated unfairly here, that is not what was intended. Maybe Mardetanha acted a bit quickly, but that's through experience - 9 cases out of 10, people who upload multiple copyright violations upload only copyright violations, and it's generally not worth checking every single upload to find out if some are legit. It was not a random action by Mardetanha. He knew me in Persian Wikipedia and as you saw what he wrote, he said that he mass deleted all the pictures which I have uploaded because I openly oppose the Iranian regime and he thinks I can not be trusted!

You, however, are not helping. You have been argumentative, accusatory and rude to the people trying to help you. Instead of just saying to Mardetanha, "Hi, you deleted some images. I think that that may have been a mistake, could you explain please?", or asking on COM:UDEL, you go ahead and accuse him of being an Iranian government agent trying to have you arrested. That doesn't endear you to others. I have restored File:A shot of the demonstration of 18-Tir.JPG (although apparently there's a server fault currently, so it's not displaying properly) as you say you took it yourself. I would like to restore the other images for you, but I can't, because we don't have confirmation from your friend that s/he took them and is willing to release them under a free licence. As User:Mbz1 explained - and trust me, he's butted heads with commons admins on several occasions - It doesn't matter whether they're images of Iranian protests, or just of a field somewhere in England - if anyone had uploaded an image without confirmation of the release, it would have been deleted. It's not personal, or political, it's just how it works here at commons.

I just gave the answer in the above comment.

I don't think anyone here wants Ahmadinejihad to get away with stealing the election, as apparently happened. Wikimedians are by and large in favour of democracy. But we won't modify our stance on copyright just because of where you live or what you take photos of. We need permission from your friend emailed to the people at COM:OTRS, specifying what licence s/he releases the images under, and giving a URL for the volunteers. If you can provide the email and OTRS ticket number, I'll restore the images myself if an OTRS volunteer tells me it's sufficient.

First of all it is not about the election and Ahmadinejad vs Mousavi. I didn't vote at all! It is about forcing the regime to respect the basic rights of the people. Mousavi is nothing different from Ahmadinejad. Secondly, I never ask the ones who took those pictures to reveal their identity and risk their lives. Uploading those pictures on Wiki is not that much important. Even if they send the emails then I should again be bothered to explain even more. So I decided to not to upload anymore files on Wiki.

We aren't trying to stymie you, and I'm sorry that it seems that way. We just want to ensure that all our images are properly free. Perhaps you might try uploading them to flickr, imageshack or some similar site where they do not care so much about images being freely released?

Please, accept my apologies for the way you've been treated here. -mattbuck (Talk) 10:51, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

There is absolutely no need for apologies or things like that. I never demand apology from anyone in here and also in real life. However, I apologize you too if you felt insulted by me and I hope you accept my apologies.--Breathing Dead (talk) 16:59, 13 July 2009 (UTC)