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"Smokin ban" maps[edit]

Hi. I also don't know how to link images from Wikipedia to Wikimedia Commons and I am still not able to understand how their procedures work - I am not a "computer illiterate" but I find their procedures and their instructions really complicated. Their instructions are too technical (and long). I am still trying to figure out after several failed attempts.
That is why I had to resort to the easier (but restricted) option (after checking the recent updates on smoking bans around the world, especially when Spain was in the news for its comprehensive smokin ban) and I copyied and edited the "Smokin ban" maps on Paint on my computer and saved it and uploaded it back on Wikimedia Commons on a PNG format. Unfortunately it is (still) the only way I of uploading that I know how to do.
Maybe the best recommendation I can give to you is to request it from other users in Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons to link the maps for you while discovering the method. I have requested to other users before, to either link and/or update and edit the maps and are usually kind enough to do it for you. I also request them with SVG formats as well, because I still cannot figure it out how to download it on my computer.
Kindest regards --Saguamundi (talk) 02:00, 21 January 2011