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  • I seldom edit on weekends and generally do not access Wikimedia email during the day (CET/CEST).
  • Transparency is important; I endeavor to act, or to abstain from action, in pursuit of its promotion; for example:
I do not particulate on IRC; I do not respond to emails whose comments could reasonably have been made, or should have been made, on-wiki (i.e., those not of a genuinely private nature); if I enter a discussion as a result of a request (i.e., canvassing, in the pejorative), I will disclose the request that brought me to the discussion.
  • Comments and emails that impugn or otherwise fail to be civil or to assume good faith will not receive a response.
  • Unless otherwise requested, I will generally respond on this page.
  • Please include links to the pertinent page(s).
  • IP editors may leave messages on this page.