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Wikipedia 2.0 logo.

This page is the culmination of the Wikipedia logo update activities on Meta-Wiki. On this page is the localized version of the "2.0 logo", which has been released on the main wikis at the same time Vector was adopted on the Wikipedia projects (2010).

If you're going to create a localized logo, please be sure to read the creation guide.

Note about localized logos in Latin and Cyrillic: WikipediA, as a wordmark, is not meant to be grammatically correct, if you feel you must add articles, punctuation, or change the capitals to lower case, then you should simply use the standard wordmark "Wikipedia" and localize the second line. Latin, Cyrillic and Greek-text based logos that use punctuation or articles will be changed to "Wikipedia".

Updates to existing logos should be done using Phabricator.

Fonts used[edit]

Fonts used in the globe logo (not including workmark):

  • Latin: Linux Libertine O (alternatives: Hoefler Text [unfree font], JunicodeRegular [free, closer to Hoefler than Libertine is])
  • Cyrillic: Linux Libertine O
  • Greek: Linux Libertine O
  • Armenian: Linux Libertine O
  • Georgian: Noto Serif Georgian
  • Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino: Culmus David
  • Malayalam: Meera
  • Japanese: Togoshi Mincho
  • Simplified Chinese: FounderType FZXiaoBiaoSong / FZSongIII (freeware)
  • Traditional Chinese: Source Han Serif
  • Arabic: in progress
  • Persian: Nazli (available on ttf-farsiweb package on Debian) (alternatives: Nazanin, B Nazanin)
  • Devanagari: Kalimati
  • Korean: Un Batang
  • Oriya (Odia): GISTORMukta
  • Thai: Norasi
  • Telugu: Ramaraja
  • Tamil: JanaTamil
  • Bengali: Akaash
(not vetted by WMF)
  • Inuktitut, Cherokee, Cree: Aboriginal Serif (license)
  • Amharic, Tigrinya: Abyssinica SIL 1.0 (license)
  • Sinhala: (?)
  • Javanese: Tuladha Jejeg
  • Runes: JunicodeRegular



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