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The ZU-23-2 (Zenitnaya Ustanovka) is a towed Soviet short-range air defence cannon introduced in the 1960s. It mounts two 23 mm cannons on a small trailer which can be converted into a stationary mount for firing the guns.

中文:ZU-23-2(俄語:ЗУ-23-2 “Сергей”;ZU/ЗУ,全稱:Zenitnaya Ustanovka/Зенитная Установка,意為:防空架座;Сергей/英語:Sergey,音譯:謝爾蓋;俄羅斯國防部火箭炮兵裝備局代號:2A132А13)是一台由蘇聯研製及生產的拖曳式雙管高射機炮,發射23 × 152 毫米B蘇聯口徑機炮炮彈。

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ZU-23-2M Wróbel - a Polish naval variant.